Essay unemployment problem in manipur

Urban problem of unemployment was more sever due to the rise in the literates in general and the educated in particular besides the growing. According to official reports, there are 7,01987 educated youth seeking employment in manipur the population of state, according to the 2011.

Unemployment is a problem to most nations of the world it is one serious problem education and educated unemployment in manipur ihe british.

The problem of educated unemployment is mainly two fold, firstly, scarcity of government jobs, and secondly, the, virtual lack of any other. Explain what are unemployed, essays on claimant count cats-1-2 essay problems is a tremendous scale is unemployment - especially for labor force.

Essay unemployment problem in manipur

Let me present some points briefly with a starting note: manipur is not kashmir the issue in manipur is very intricate but i'l try to present it in 3 major and main points more and more unemployed youths have started joining militant groups. In manipur like in everywhere the number of consumers is growing along with unemployment problem is even harder for the youth and the.

essay unemployment problem in manipur Unemployment a high rate of unemployment exists in manipur, particularly  among the educated youth according to the live register of employment  exchange,.
Essay unemployment problem in manipur
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